Cross connection Or Backflow Valve

Backflow refers to the reverse flow of a liquid back into the drinkable water supply. A special device is utilized to protect the water from pollution or contamination caused by the backflow.

Usually a certain pressure is applied to the water so that it can flow from the shower, tap or other fixture properly. The pressure, sometimes, fails to maintain the level; this can happen for a number of reasons, such as pipe-freeze, unexpected demand on water systems or more. We ensure this doesn’t happen by regularly checking and maintaining backflow valves.

We are a leading tester of cross connection and backflow valves, and are certified by the AWWA. Local municipalities require annual testing to ensure they are always up to standard, and this is something we are happy to carry out for you. We always work to your schedule, and make sure the work is completed quickly and efficiently. We will install and test backflow valves, and then submit readings to the local authority on your behalf.

We respect your busy schedule and are able to offer our services at your convenience. You can book your appointment early morning or in the evening as well.


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